The best ways to profit from binance 2022

The best ways to profit from binance 2022 how to profit from the binance platform.

Recently, many people are looking for a lot to profit from binance, profit from Binance, or how to profit from the binance platform, after the binance platform has become the leader in the field of cryptocurrency since its launch in 2017.

The best ways to profit from binance 2022
The best ways to profit from binance 2022

Binance has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume.

Which made many people interested in profiting from the Internet eager to know what is binance, profit from Binance, and how to profit from binance.

That is why we have written everything related to profit from binance or profit from Binance in this article, and all you have to do in order to know all this is to read this article to the end.

The most important details and addresses that we will talk about in this article:

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What is Binance?

It is a trading platform for digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) that allows the buying and selling of all kinds of digital currencies. It was established in 2017 AD by the Chinese-Canadian programmer Changpeng Zhao and was or headquartered in China and then moved outside China due to Chinese restrictions on digital currencies.

Binance has listed more than 350 digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and many others.

Binance is not the first exchange to be established, but it has attracted a large number of investors with an impressive growth rate and the issuance of various financial services.

For example, most exchanges have launchpads, and Binance is no exception.

Once the new coins are listed, you get a lot of rewards. Meanwhile, Binance is quickly backing up the transactions of these new coins.

Binance has also launched its own currency, called Binance Coin (BNB).

When you have Binance Coin, you can get an additional 5% fee, and BNB will be destroyed directly.

Although the demand increases, the value of the coin goes up in one fell swoop, and the market value is also the top ten coins.

The binance platform also has the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. It also has low transaction fees, which makes it easy for its users.

1. Profit from spot trading on binance

Spot trading is understood as a trading method in which settlements are executed instantly at the time of transactions, without delay.

 The essence of profits is the sale of assets for more than they were purchased. For this, trading tools are used - orders. Binance supports market orders, limit and stop orders.

 The market provides an opportunity to immediately buy or sell a specified number of assets at the best offered price.

Limit - creates an order in the order book at a specified price, it is executed only if there is an opposite market order at that price.

It allows you to schedule the creation of a specific order when a certain price level is reached.

The exchange also supports margin trading with leverage, which allows you to create orders to get more money that you have and, if you're lucky, to make a profit more than once.

What is spot trading or (margin trading)?

This transaction involves borrowing money, The market either allocates a certain amount of bail money independently, or calculates it based on the leverage you choose.

 If the leverage is x10, then this means: deposit of $100 and maximum trade limit of $1000.

 Those who profit by opening a short position (also known as short) to reduce the market are taking advantage of this opportunity.

What is the starting amount for trading?

The basic rule for novice traders is this: start making deposits that are not afraid of losing.

The average recommended deposit amount is $400, which allows you to actively trade without risking.

This limit can be raised to $2,000 with experience accumulating.

 For novice users of the market, such a turnover is enough and allows you to make some profit from your operations.

2. Profit from automated trading on binance

This is one of the easiest ways to make money on Binance through automated trading

Automated trading on Binance is possible with the help of trading bots - special programs.

The bot connects to the stock exchange via an API and creates buy or sell transactions on the user's behalf.

 The bot works according to a predefined strategy and settings either by the developers or by the user himself.

 Usually bots are not free, but the payment methods vary - either a percentage of the earnings or a fixed cost per month / year.

Examples of bots that allow you to earn on Binance: RevenueBot, 3Commas, Cryptorg.

3. Profit from the list of new coin.

When a new project token gets access to a popular and highly liquid exchange like Binance, there is a high probability of rapid price growth.

 To this end, many traders try to get new tokens in advance (purchased on Launchpad during the primary sale, received on Launchpool as a staking reward) in order to sell them at a good profit later.

Examples of tokens that showed a sharp increase after insertion:

  • The LIT Rate (LIT) increased by 7430% in one minute.
  • My Neighbor aAlice (ALICE) went up 60,000% in one minute.
  • SafePal (SFP) is up 1800% since listing.
  • WazirX (WRX) surged 160% in the first second after entering the market.

Of course, not all tokens show such growth. But in the case of Binance, the situation is observed more and more often.

This is due to the popularity of the exchange itself and the quality of the selection of projects for inclusion in the list.

4. Profit from an investment.

The long-term purchase and storage of assets with the expectation of another rate increase is called hodling.

 Theoretically, for this purpose, you can use the Binance platform, as it belongs to the custodian category and provides users with accounts for storing assets.

However, experts recommend choosing safer options for carrying, such as hardware wallets.

If you still keep investments in the exchange, do not forget to secure your account in every possible way: enable two-factor authentication, activate two-step verification, and create a password of high quality and complexity that is difficult to guess.

This will reduce the risk of hacking from abroad.

5. Profit from Binance futures contracts.

Futures contracts are contracts that do not involve the transfer of assets immediately, but after a certain time and at a certain price.

Binance users can access perpetual futures contracts with a leverage of up to 125x.

In order to trade on Binance Futures, you first need to transfer funds (USDT or BUSD) from a regular account to a futures account.

Prices in the futures market differ slightly from those in the spot market because they include storage costs.

 In order to get as close as possible to discovering long-term performance, funding is provided every 8 hours.

When the market price rises, the financing rate is positive and long traders pay financing to the short traders.

Accordingly, if market prices fall, the financing rate is negative, and participants with short positions pay participants with long positions.

In Binance Futures, you can participate in competitions (guess which direction the price will go).

 Prize - Points that can later be used to receive prizes in raffles on the platform.

6. Profit by participating in the tournament

One of the ways to earn on Binance is inter-trader tournaments. Additionally, you can earn on Binance by participating in a tournament among traders.

Tournaments are held on a regular basis.

 The sum of prizes depends on the number of participants.

Participants are divided into teams, and then each of them must actively trade in the futures market.

Those with the best win-loss ratio win.

Often there are additional prizes - for example, for team leaders or for voting for certain teams.

 There is always a competition or tournament taking place on Binance.

This is a good opportunity to earn income through trading, participating in AMA sessions, educational activities, etc.

7. Profit through vanilla options.

The options platform was launched by Binance at the end of December 2020.

An option can be described as the right to do something at a particular time.

 The owner has the right to perform a specific action in the future at a certain time, and the buyer, before the expiration date, can exercise this right or refuse it.

The seller is obligated to comply with the decision of the buyer.

On Binance, options are priced and settled in USDT.

The tool provides users with more options to diversify the portfolio and manage market behaviour.

 Users can buy trading options or hedge risk, as well as sell or issue them (issuance).

8. Profit through flexible and fixed deposits.

Binance allows you to earn a certain percentage of income on your unused cryptocurrency (your digital currency).

There are two options for this to earn from deposits:

  • Deposit at a fixed rate.

 It implies money blocking for 7 to 90 days.

After that, the money is already returned with interest.

 This method is only available for USDT, USDC and BUSD stablecoins.

  • Floating rate deposit.

There is no fixed term, you can withdraw the assets at any time, but the price is much lower.

 The option is available for a large number of different cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (around 60).

Make money on Binance with floating deposits

The process of depositing and withdrawing funds is very simple, and is carried out in just a few clicks

 Simply click Transfer Assets for the selected cryptocurrency, enter the amount and select the term (for fixed rate deposits), agree to the platform terms and confirm the transfer.

9. Earn via BNB vault.

This method of earning allows you to get a decent income from hoarding the original cryptocurrency BNB (Binance coin).

At the same time, one or another additional asset within the Launchpool could also be further distributed - for example, at the time of writing, this is the ALICE of the Aljedaie Net project and therefore the BNB Vault is the accumulator of BNB revenue.

By depositing an asset, the user simultaneously participates in the Launchpool, deposits, DeFi staking, and receives standard and additional rewards.

You need to click on the “Start Staking” button and enter the amount of BNB you want to use.

You can also set up an automatic transfer so that all BNB from the instant account is sent to the deposit.

10. Profit by staking

In addition to BNB, Binance provides an opportunity to earn more coins by staking.

This method is divided into two parts:

  • Fixed fixation of POS coins.

There are 48 cryptocurrencies available.

The price of each of them is individual, as well as the minimum deposit amount.

The term is very limited, from 15 to 90 days.

  •  DeFi staking.

An opportunity to get higher returns by participating in some decentralized finance products (Curve, Compound, Kava, etc.).

 The advantage of Binance DeFi staking is its simplicity - no need to interact with many different protocols separately, everything is collected in one place and is intuitive.

There are only five products available for DeFi staking so far.

 At the beginning of each line, there is a hint of using the decentralized protocol to generate income.

Flexible deadlines.

 The interest is adjusted regularly depending on the supply/demand of a particular asset.

11. Earn by staking ETH 2.0.

Earnings from Staking Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is moving from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, and now miners can make their first deposits.

 If you do it directly, the minimum possible amount is 32 ETH.

 If you don't have that amount, you can still participate with Binance.

The principle is that users lock their Ethereum into a staking pool and receive BETH tokens in return.

In the future, when the PoS network is fully launched, these tokens will be given the right to receive their share of the income.

12. Profit from providing liquidity on Binance Liquid Swap.

Liquid Swap is a tool that works on the principle of exchange

Decentralized cryptocurrencies with pools of liquidity.

Users can instantly exchange one asset for another with minimal commissions.

But the main thing is that this is another way to earn money from the cryptocurrency trading platform Binance - by depositing liquidity in pools and getting rewards for it.

Depositing money in certain combinations marked with the “Extra Bonuses” code, respectively, allows you to get a higher level of income.

13. Earnings on Binance Launchpool (Breeding DeFi Tokens)

Binance Launchpool creates additional incentives for pledges by allowing them to receive tokens for promising new projects by investing in certain assets.

For example, all holders of shares in the BNB, BUSD and CHR groups receive an additional amount of ALICE tokens.

One of the main advantages of acquiring new tokens is that they sometimes show incredible price growth in the first days or even hours after listing.

14. Profit from the mining pool.

Miners can earn by connecting to the Binance Pool.

 The supported hash algorithms are SHA256 and Ethash.

Thus, it is possible to mine BTC, BCH, BSV and ETH cryptocurrencies.

 Income is distributed according to the FPPS and PPS + models; Maximum stability of income is provided by instant adjustments.

The commission of the complex is 2.5% of the profits.

By working in tandem with Binance cryptocurrency trading platform, the user gets a convenient opportunity to earn assets and use them instantly for trading/investing.

How much can you earn on Binance?

Profit is not limited to anything, you can earn whatever you want on binance cryptocurrency, it all depends only on the efforts made.

It is clear that the return on investments with minimal risks is very small, but if you invest in new currencies, participate in the development of new projects, engage in trade, you can really get decent amounts

Everyone has a different level of knowledge, startup capital, and everyone decides independently what will bring a profit.

Therefore, it is impossible to even guess how much money you should count. 

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